September 14, 2009

Design Hive

I spent a good hour on Sunday at the Baldwin School in Cambridge, MA at the Design Hive event.
I must say that I viewed a good amount of jewelry. I see lots of multi-strand mixed metal designs. Chunky, urban very hard lines. Mixing pearls and metals. Thick and dark metals. - Stuff that Philip Crangi is producing and that is showing up in press shots. These pieces are priced well at the Design Hive but look very high-end. See that bad boy over there--------------------->

All sorts of funky things are available for purchase. One big indoor flea market. Many of the offerings are recycled, refurbished or re-purposed garments and jewelry designs. Just very inspiring stuff.
Check out my favorites from Sunday's show:

and my most favorite was this clothing designer Jonathan Woodman of Funktional Wear
He was this cool, Adam Lambert type sort of the Adam of the New England area. I was so intrigued by his items. They were unexplainable you have to see them. Very rock meets the southwest...crazy stuff. Of course this guy was so gorgeous I was staring at him and at his wears and he started speaking to me as if I was about 65 years old and I thought I really have no "game" any more! How sad for me.

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