May 23, 2009

Suki Skincare Products

Updates to the world of style, fashion and compassion:

Style news: the boat shoe is still in, Sperry Topsiders in neon color. This is the season and any and all brands will do. 

Fashion news: Stephanie S.C. one of my favorite shoppers who I have done closet cleaning and personal shopping for stepped into my store in Chestnut Hill looking marvelous on Friday.  I must shamelessly self-promote because she was wearing a great top we had picked up at Zara this past winter on a personal shopper appointment and I saw firsthand my handiwork. She looked terrific and stopped in to pick up a few things at Eileen Fisher. 

News from Northampton, MA via Katie F on Cape Cod who uses Suki Skincare products. Suki Kramer is the founder and creator of SukiPure, SukiSpa and SukiColor lines.  Katie swears by the product, some of which is available at Whole Foods in Newton, MA.

Compassion for Mother Earth: A fun site to check out to help save some rain forest is

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