May 11, 2009

Isaac Spring and Summer fun

The good news is that we have been really busy at the mall. The Eileen Fisher, Inc. store has seen a pick up in buying. So maybe we are coming out of the gloom and doom of this recession. 
I have been working the selling floor five days a week and we are a bit short staffed so I have been very slow at updating the blog. 

One thing I am excited about checking out, and have done so only on line, is the 
Liz Claiborne New York Collection by Isaac Mizrahi. The ads looked great and the highlights on the web looked great. If I can only get up some energy after working all day to go to another mall 
I would love to actually check it out live and in person. Here is a sampling dress I so love the easy breezy ness of this look. 

One look that I disliked recently and I had to stare at in the Victoria's Secret window all late last winter and early spring is VS. Of course they did larger than life posters with the new face of Victoria's Secret Pink. 

She was, and is, only 20 years old -Behati Prinsloo from Namibia in Africa. Honestly, I am sure that she is the nicest model and young women but come on they plaster her image up there in push - up - bras and both men and women alike think that all real women should look like that. She is a baby for gosh sakes.  

This gal was the very first face of the new ad campaign but when I saw her in a magazine profile she looked just like a college kid.  A regular, cute, college age, normal looking gal. 

I hate to be standing up on the big soap box of life,  but we are all so hard on ourselves because we constantly see these images of youth and think we should be able to recreate that image on ourselves. There is no way at 45 years old I am in any shape or form able to be in a body comparison situation with a 20 year old kid. The worst part of it is that the ads distort her as a person as well with so much sex appeal and we then distort  our images of our own bodies and our own age experience.  OK enough! I will step down off the platform. 

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