February 6, 2009

Jeans that are not down to your ....

Hello out there!

Everyone is asking me about jeans. I feel like the biggest dumb dumb, loser when it comes to jeans. I simply do not feel comfortable wearing them. I know that designer jeans are all the rage. I have very little hands on experience wearing brands and styles.

One place I am directing people to is The Earnest Sewn Co. because I did my research and see some high rise jeans listed on the site in both high rise slim (the Zazo) and high rise full as well as high and wide and high with a cigarette leg. These look as if you might actually be able to wear normal undergarments (not thongs) with them. 

Rachel Ray wears em! So they have to be at least good enough to shop at the supermarket and cook in.  

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