February 12, 2009

Clean up the basics, especially T shirts and underpinnings

A very quick fashion update:

I know that we are all being super careful and quite cost conscious but a gal has got to update her stuff every now and again. Spring is right around the corner. Get out there and shop for some good inexpensive basics.

One way to do a quick update is to visit one of the local boutiques in your neighborhood and grab a fun scarf, a bauble, or an embellished t shirt. Something fun and off beat to break up the late winter monotony and transition into the new spring season. It is so good to connect with local business owners and support them with a sale in this most difficult economic time. 

My favorite place to visit, and I did so today, is The Dressing Room. A small boutique in Auburndale square. The location is 293 Auburn Street Auburndale, MA 02466 (617) 965-3442. Sheelah and Jill are always there, they are the coolest business owners and they are wonderful ladies.  I love to support local business such as theirs. 

Truth be known, I have a huge pet peeve at this time of year- which is watching people dress for the in between season in last years old t shirts. These things have a true expiration date. White should be replaced every year, anything with a stain needs to be replaced and outdated necklines should go. T shirts are a staple item and last such a short time especially with washing and drying. Please, I beg of you, do not embarrass yourself, rid the closet of these and replenish your stock for this upcoming season. 

The Dressing Room has some great options in this area of need, prices are very reasonable, some are as low as $38.00 for a fantastic looking top.  Visit them soon as I did today and I picked up a few treats. 

NOTE- I first mentioned Sheelah and The Dressing Room back in my Dec. 24th 2007 post. 

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