September 19, 2008

Use your spending money to vote for your beilefs

I have been inspired by a bunch of random things this week. 

First is EDUN. Socially conscious and environmentally sound clothes brought to you by my favorite couple the Hewson's (BONO and wife ALI) please check out this company and their mission. Some of the price points are so within reach and everything about the mission speaks to me personally and professionally. It is after all about putting up or shutting up and buying clothing with this kind of clout behind it is all good.  We must vote with our $$$$s.

I have been inspired as of late by color and texture from designs for the home. Two very cool things to check out are-

John Hutton Textiles. I was looking at this gorgeous linen-blend silver gray fabric and wondering how that would be such an elegant fiber to have in one's home furnishing. 

I also saw some eco-conscious wallpaper design options by Graham & Brown that are made from materials from sustainable forests.  Such a cool vibe to bring into your home. 

I have yet to buy from Spiegel, however that may change as I came across a silvery textured tweed coat that was a steal at 119.00 that was a WOW coat option for evenings out to the many holiday galas that will be coming up soon enough.

I came across Edina and Patsy stuff from Absolutely Fabulous 1992 that made me howl. Fashion misfits yet funny beyond funny. That kind of physical humor is my always favorite for a belly splitting laugh. 

Speaking of which I searched the entire Natick Collection and my own mall for a wear-now option for Symphony Hall last night. NOTHING. I came up empty. I was not laughing. 

I went back to the basics a great Ben Sherman cotton skirt that I have had for two years. It still looks great as it has a very vintage late 1950s early 60s feel. I paired it with an Eileen Fisher long sleeveless tank in silk jersey. Both pieces were black. I topped it off with a two year old top I bought in a boutique that is fun and funky. It was white.  A sweater sort of jacket sort of artsy piece with white ribbons and wonderful detailing at the neck and sleeves. 

I then threw an Eileen Fisher alpaca throw over my shoulders. DONE. Pink heels that I must have had for two years now (that I really only wear when going out) in soft Italian leather. I found those for a steal at Marshalls. I added some really sparkly earrings from my trip to Detroit MI last year which were under twenty dollars and my pearls that my parents gifted me when I turned 40. So no need to fret you can always pair new and old and re-use things that are tried and true. I love my rule of sticking to the classics. Nothing looks dated and it works from year to year. 

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