August 24, 2008

Vacation and then some!

What a summer! It has been weeks since I last logged in and updated the blog. Lot’s of weird computer stuff happening at the Schraffa home. This week should prove to be a breakthrough with a new DSL service from Verizon and an Apple/MAC laptop. I should be good to go. I will send you a new email which will be at and or a account.

In the meantime, August is such a dormant month in retail. The entire ‘wear now’ product has pretty much been reduced to sale and picked through right to the bone. Every core fabric has sold through…we are onto fall 2008 in a big way.

Some of my favorites and I know these are high-end knits are from Lutz and Patmos. I mentioned them last year in one of my November-December entries. The chunky-knits are in luxurious wools. Check them out at Barneys. A cardigan can retail upward of $595.00 so this is certainly an investment piece.

Check out for shopping on line for organic fibers and socially conscious garments. I am not much for online shopping but I know that the convenience of it is a must for some of us who live hectic life styles.

A new passion of mine is Marimekko which has both beautiful apparel and a beautiful store setting. Also, they have great bedding and towels, and house wares. They have a wonderful little store out in Cambridge on Huron Ave.

Garnet Hill is still offering the Eileen Fisher, Inc. bedding in so many organic options. Fall is such a great time to update bedding for the upcoming cozy winter season.

I made mention several blogs ago of Product (RED) which is helping charitable organizations in Africa. Several artists have come up with doodled Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars in honor of the 100th anniversary of the brand. What a great way to buy a fun pair of footwear and contribute to both the arts and humanity.

I also took a field trip down to the Rhode Island School of Design this summer. Great little art museum. Also, there is a great store to buy some cool alumni and faculty artist crafts.

I know that I led off with a high end item which of course is a total fantasy purchase for me. I want to focus this blog always on affordable fashion for the rest of us!

Check out Levi’s jeans. They have a great eco product. Higher-waisted jean options are for many of us. Go see the Straight Leg 545 jean that retail for about $45.00

The Gap is back. Patrick Robinson is now executive vice president of design. I think we are going to see some great pieces coming off his many years of brand experience with Armani, Perry Ellis, and Paco Rabanne. Fashion will be updated by this industry pro. Basics like khakis and blue jeans will have a fresh face.

Well, hopefully I will be back in action now that I am working through all my many technology glitches.

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