May 15, 2008

Summer Product - closing in on the end of the season

Style Update-Folks over the last two weeks I have been fielding a good number of questions about style.

Personal style is just that- personal. Everyone has their own personal sense of style and many times that unique presentation only works for that person.

My recommendations are shared to get you to think about your own style ‘outside the box’.

My intention here is to give you some confidence to try something new. I would hate to impose my personal style onto another individual. I think everyone intuitively knows what works for them, but many of us simply do not have time to pull it all together in a cohesive way to make an easy to wear collection of clothing suited for one’s lifestyle.

That is where the expert assistance of a friend (Lisa Ann) can help. Call or write an email to me with questions or problems that you want solved. It is only hard work up front, once you have a good handle on your personal style everything falls into place. The only things you buy and keep are those that emulate that style. Your closet and life become a whole lot simpler.

Fashion Update- Next Tuesday we at the Eileen Fisher, Inc. stores receive our June shipment, our last spring/summer product shipment for 2008. We are keeping up with the neutrals showcased all spring & summer with Bone, Natural and Pebble. We are doing an exciting assortment of pop colors called Passion Flower, Capri, Dahlia and Teal. The color scheme is moving into a deeper direction to begin the transition to late summer, early fall 2008. The best of summer is on the selling floor right now and this last delivery of product will round out our seasonal product offering. Come by for a visit. Now is the time to buy for the 2008 summer season.

Some fun brands with an edge to them that are great to view and cool to play with as add on product to your basics are listed below and well worth checking out. ,, Stewart&Brown, Edun (Nordstrom), Under the, Only Hearts, Paige Premium Denim. Ports 1961, Lutz and Patmos.

I am not suggesting that anyone go crazy, Ghetto Fabulous. What I am inferring with that phrase ‘Ghetto Fabulous’ is taking the urban style and incorporating that into a fashion trend or twist to your ordinary by adding a little hipness of the high end brands creating a bit of attitude.

On a more conservative tone, I am pulling out some of my summer products that I so love. My Helen Kaminsky summer raffia bags that I found on the cheap at Marshalls are ready to be used. My Kenneth Cole gentle souls shoes which I wore to death last summer are back- one pair of red ballet flats and one black thong sandal.

I had the good fortune of going to Symphony Hall in Boston for the opening night at the Pops with the Boston Pops Orchestra & Natalie Cole doing jazz standards last Wednesday evening. I am ready for summer events. I invite any and all to contact me with any ideas for social summer events that we can attend. We have to make the best use of these summer months.

Compassion: In the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis – which struck Myanmar on May 3, washing away entire communities – conditions remain dire for millions of people.
This quote came over my Internet from Oxfam today…It is mind boggling and I for one do not know what to do, as many NPR news reports claim that aid is being stopped. Oxfam has set up a way to make donations to help this cause. What else can we do?

NOTE - The Technophobe Lisa Ann is still figuring out how to enhance this site with future pod casting. I will keep you posted.

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