December 2, 2007

Office Fashion

This week is short and sweet!

Fashionistas the holiday season is upon us and it is time to shop for upcoming corporate events. This year let me help you to shop and get ready for the annual office party with a little less stress and a little more energy to celebrate the season. Eileen Fisher has some nice options for holiday dressing. You can shop in store or online.

My advice for all professional and work related events is as follows:

I have to get tough here with the rules ladies- no sleeveless tops, no short skirts, clothing should skim the body (never tight fitting but not too loose). Leave all cleavage and the d├ęcolletage at home. For these events less is best, avoid making a fashion statement that could potentially kill a career. The traits you want well remembered beyond the evening are that of your winning personality, your character and your funny but sensitive work stories. You do not want to be remembered by an outfit that created an over the top appearance.

The first task then is to get nostalgic within the confines of your own closet. Go into that space with fresh eyes and without creating total chaos challenge yourself to find something you once loved that can be resurrected. This may be a great opportunity to do some custom tailoring to that wow suit that has not been worn yet this season. I found a source in my neighborhood- Bottega 1274 Washington Street West Newton MA
(617) 965-1361. A good old fashioned tailor with reasonable prices.

The best outfit choice may well be the standard ‘simple black dress’. If you feel bored by the notion of it you can jazz black up with a metallic accessory option in either a bag or shoe. Still feeling uninspired, buy your standard black dress a killer lip color shade in holiday red.

The good news is that if you have to shop outside of your own closet you can keep it simple. If you choose to shop high end then shop it smart, go one stop shopping to Barneys New York in Copley Place at 100 Huntington Ave. In keeping within a tighter budget one stop shopping can be had at Target with affordable options such as Isaac Mizrahi for Target.

This week I did some local shopping and everyone wants to know where I picked up my new brown, velour, Murval satchel. My great bag was a splurge which I found at Velvet Ribbon in Washington Sq. 1620 Beacon Street Brookline
(617) 277-0066
I like to support local boutique stores whenever I can and this one had some great options for holiday dressing beyond the office. Fun stuff to check out for all the other holiday party events.

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