January 26, 2016

Working outside of Fashion

Hello everyone... I have been missing in action for two very good reasons:

1. The repair work from the storms of 2015 is just getting done over these last two weeks. I have a great contractor and my damage was insignificant compared to some of you but yet what a huge disruption of three of my living spaces. Kitchen, Dining Room/Living Room and a bay window in the study. It may be winding down today.

2. Paperwork for the merger of two lives - the Schraffa/Santin merger of all things. One really does not think about the impact of name change and consolidation of two of everything. Lots of legal work and mumbo/jumbo about will, insurance, social security accounts and tax filing. This may never wind down as I feel like you get one thing finished and it opens up three other related things.

I just want to get back to fashion!

I am booking for closet clean ups and wardrobe consults. Right now February is getting booked and I should have some great before and after pictures soon and will post them on Instagram.

Reach out to me to schedule your appointments. There are only so many free Tuesday and Wednesday open slots left for February.

Thanks for reading and keeping up with all things North of Boston!

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