January 11, 2014

Lots of Locks - Hair tips

Mind your hair, another tip I will cover during my class this winter is the issue of THE HAIR. Part of building a great closet filled with great clothes to wardrobe yourself in is to have a relationship with your hair that works back to you closet.

Cut, style, color, upkeep and balance with your clothing is the most important thing to develop. Find a cut that works for you that is easy to keep consistent. If you find a cut that you can handle in terms of style stay with it and it only will get better and better, pick a cut that you can work with on a daily styling basis.

Color if you like and make sure that color works well with your base color in your wardrobe. Brown haired ladies work with earth tones as your base wardrobe color. Gray haired gone natural like myself usually work off a basic black/grey base for their wardrobe.

You have to treat your hair like you mean to keep it. Good hair products and upkeep of your style will polish any look. It is most important to create a balance with your hair cut and style and the tops you select. Necklines and collars should work to flatter your haircut and enhance your overall style.

Be mindful of good hair because when it works it adds to your overall style and ease.
I have gone 'round and 'round on the issue of stylists and although I like so many who have done a wonderful job over the last two to three years for my various looks I went back to THE ONE. The one and only stylist of my dreams:

Irina Gluskina
Salon 55
Contact:  617-964-5055
Location: 55a Union Street
Newton Centre MA 02459

Get out there and find your Irina because when you do it is magic. There is not a day that goes by that someone does not compliment me on my hair and I owe it all to Irina, to going naturally grey and to using only the best all natural hair products I can afford.

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