August 14, 2013

Fashion Tip

One cannot be fashionable if one is not tuned into fashion. I pick up all sorts of reading materials along the way to comb through them and find my inspiration. I often pick some of the best ads or looks and pin them up on an inspiration board, old school style, yup- cork board and push pins.

Lately I have been using Pinterest. Frankly, I had no idea what it was all about till I sat in on a work conference call regarding our social media campaigns and after hearing about it in that venue I tried it and fell in love. What a great way to create an on line, shareable inspiration board. I love it.


I still have a bunch of new magazines to inspire me and I may well bring them along to the class that I am teaching.

Start your own clippings collection either using social media or cut out stuff that you see that inspires you. Once you start to notice what comes up for you as you move through media you will find out more and more about your preferences and styles that inspire you and then you can make better choices when you are out and about shopping for the Fall 2013 season.

A shout out to Christini thank yo so much for the updated animated Lisa Ann (above) she looks very Fall.

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