July 23, 2013

Old Adage

There is something about if you don't have you health you don't have anything or if you have good health you have everything. Some old adage I cannot recall exactly but today brought that point home. Straight to my tummy.

I did not do well in the heat wave of last week. That kind of weather then causes me to not eat well, having little to no appetite. I am sure I was equally dehydrated. I also did not move for a week, really sluggish, did not exercise at all.

So my body just took a break down on Sunday nite into Monday and by this morning I was done. Found myself at the PCP & in the lab at St. Elizabeth's now Steward Hospital for XRAY. It was just so uncomfortable. Physically and mentally. My test results are due back tomorrow and we do not expect to find anything horrible. My prescription had to be ordered because CVS does not stock this type of "potion". It is one of the medications people use to prepare for colonoscopy and such. So my day off tomorrow should prove to be very fashion forward. From the drink to the latrine and to the day bed. Ah well...

What it makes me realize is that what is really in vogue and always in fashion is feeling your best, in great health and making your energy your very best outfit.

I am grateful that we have super health care in Boston, MA. That I can call up the PCP and say hey you know this is just not right and I can get seen that day. Grateful that it all worked out to be something pretty uncomfortable but treatable. Grateful for employment that offers me sound health care benefits. Should be back to my styling self on Thursday.

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