July 14, 2013

Every "body" has a style..

Well let's talk point #3 for my class in September.

Everyone has style. Everyone has 'a' style. Preferred or by default everybody has a style. Your job is to know your body and know your style and marry the two.

There are lots of things I think are stylish, beautiful, edgy, glamorous, pretty, sexy, and luxurious - however not all of them belong on my figure.

Know what your body is and what you are dressing and then dress your body type- not the body you dream of having or want to have.

Know what your style is and play with it. I use an inspiration board similar to what designers use to create a mood for their design inspiration. I keep it simple by cutting out pictures of things I love and that inspire how I want to look and pin them up on a cork board to see them and get ideas.

Not everything on my inspiration board translates onto my shape but I get an overall vibe and work out my style.

I guess I would call mine bohemian chic with a nod to suburban living.

Every "body" has a style, find yours using your imagination, inspiration boards and good old fashioned taste and a reality check. If you can't do it for yourself hire someone objective to help you create your style. It makes shopping and cultivating a wardrobe a lot easier if you know what you are buying and wearing based on a style that works for your body type and your personality.

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