July 10, 2013

Anything Goes!

I am gearing up to teach a class for adult learners at the site of the Newton South High School this September on all things to pull your wardrobe together. Point #1 is going to be that in fact ...anything can be chic...
I will dispel the rumor that chic is always high-end, expensive, exclusive, luxury. Simple things can be just as chic as run-way. It is all in how you style it and how you wear it and how to carry yourself with poise, grace and confidence. Somehow we have gotten away from this notion that a styled women is  sometimes as simple as exuding beauty and confidence from the core, inside and then out. 
I almost laughed out loud this morning when I came across this on Facebook -


I have worn ugly shoes since most probably 1998. I worked at a start-up company in Charlestown, MA and many a day my executives Anish and Alex and I would go out to make sales calls and high-level consultation meetings on the "T". I would be walking through the financial district of Boston and using public transportation and the MBTA subway system and I would wear Tevas, Birks, and of course Docs.  I still wear all those sensible shoe options as I am on my feet all day for five days out of the work week and I just make them look cool, chic, and fun. 

So the lesson of the day is "Anything Can Be Chic!"

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