April 5, 2013

A Gold Star for Good Behavior

Dear Customer, 
Thank you for behaving so well these past days. It is refreshing that although you have a busy to do list, don't particularly like my color palette and are mift about the weather- or lack of Spring- you still were pleasant. 
It is so much easier when you come to do business with a smile on your face and a lift in your heart and you ask nicely for help and actually appreciate the hard work that someone in the service industry provides to you with professionalism, care, impeccable customer service, humor and with a big passion for their brand, product and level of service. 
This makes a partnership that is as they used to say on an old 70's sit-com "Dynomite"!
Keep coming back because we in the service and hospitality industry appreciate and need your business but come back with that behavior that makes for the sweet spot for us both and for a great experience for everyone in our midst. 
Thanks & Be Well till next time!

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