October 20, 2011


To all the readers of my blog I have to write a post of apology.

This past July we were told as a family that my Mom has ALS also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. My Mom has always been like a best girl friend to me and being that she is only 68 years young I had hoped to have her around for a long while as her Mom (Grandma Piselli) was with us till she was 95 years old.

I would love to share with you that we are in a Tuesdays with Morrie mode but that would be a lie. Things are very difficult. We are in the good hands at Mass. General Hospital in Boston but right now there is no known cause, no treatment and no cure.

I have not shared this news globally on any social media sites such as my facebook or twitter or my blog to respect the privacy of my family. My parents are very simple people but very proud and very private.

I just want to acknowledge to my readers that my blog has been tired as I am too tired to think creatively and write anything of substance.

This too shall pass, fashion seems frivolous as I move through the daily care giving process with my folks. I try every day to remember that this is my Mother's journey and all I can do is be there as a helper and as a support and a witness.

Thanks for hanging in there waiting for some crumb of fashion news. I hope to get my home stable and return to writing sometime in the near future.

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