May 26, 2011

Abigail Kirsch at Tappan Hill Tarrytown NY

Finally the sun came out a shinin! And at 8:15 am we hit the road from the parking lot of Chestnut Hill, MA to drive to Tarrytown NY. We made the road trip to celebrate Chestnut Hill and Copley employees. I celebrated my 10th year of service at the company.

May 25th, 2011 was the Eileen Fisher, Inc. Service Awards Luncheon an annual affair always held in the beautiful Tappan Hill venue. A private mansion with sprawling lawns and lush greens it is the perfect little gem of a venue for a Springs celebration.

This event includes fie year honorees, 20 year honorees, 15 year honorees and finally 10 year honorees. Leaders share sentiments with the audience regarding those employees who have worked at EF for 10 or more years. Honorees have an opportunity to share a few heartfelt words.

This event was no exception regarding heartfelt sentiments all around. Eileen shared a few of her thoughts and it was a wonderful way to celebrate our Eileen Fisher family.

Personal highlights of the day were that I was asked to help with the event by acting with Tom Grace and Emcee. What an honor. We had a wee bit of fun with his NY Yankees vs our Boston Red Sox. We each wore the other's teams baseball cap to the ceremony.

The food was wonderful, the atmosphere was festive, the words were inspiring. Two of the staffers thought that I was Eileen herself. That actually is probably the nicest compliment anyone could pay me was to mistake me for such a wonderful woman!

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