December 28, 2010

To flaunt or not to flaunt...

Ah, I realize that I can only give advice about things that I know about...

I was going through clothing yesterday since I was snowed in. My gosh I have to say that the more I try to hide my ample bossom the worse it goes. I got rid of a lot of XXL stuff.

I find that I am very narrow on the lower half of my figure. I can still wear shorter skirts, leggings, slim jeans. I just need to be modest uptown so as not to attract any more attention to my chest.

Some tips for those Ladies like myself looking to elongate and create a more natural hourglass...

I say go for the V-Neck tops, interestingly enough it makes the body look longer. Go for stretch so that fabrics flatter with no pulling or gaping if you opt for a button-down. I actually like long and lean when I do a v-neck.

I tend to stay clear of anything with buttons down the front but some are indeed good fitting. If you choose to do a button down remember to find something that moves and is not too stiff.

Baggy is not good, looking like you are wearing a tent is never a good style statement. I like soft jersey fabrics underneath open, long cardigans. I do tend to shy away from heavy patterns, or stripes. I think basic monochromatic works better. I also am careful with necklaces and pins.
Note- Less is more when trying to detract from the chest area. Try big bangles or great long earrings instead of jewelry that hangs on your chest area.

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