December 10, 2010

Green Life | Yoga Blog | Yoga Journal

Green Life | Yoga Blog | Yoga Journal

Such a crazy, crazy and I say again crazy week. It's gonna roll this way right through the first week of January 2011 and I gotta just live it. I took some time out to watch Meet The Parents last night. I needed a good laugh to deal with the holiday retail wacky-ness. I also took Kyle to see Due Date on Wednesday, very funny.

This week brings many things. Click the link above- what a great message from a lady who I admire. Stephanie won our Eileen Fisher, Inc. Women's Business Grant a few years ago. She rocks it in both the yoga world and the green world.

Today and tomorrow bring Vincent Wil Hawley to the Mall at Chestnut Hill for a trunk show at my neighbor The Goldsmith jewelry store.

I, being the nosy neighbor, have swooned over a number of his one-of-a-kind, hand-made pieces. I am wearing one today.

I cannot do him justice in writing but suffice to say you have to come by the mall for a viewing. These pieces are an investment in a quality piece of wearable art. A luxury that is influenced by both his BFA from the Museum of Fine Arts School in Boston, MA and by his time of study abroad in Florence Italy. He also graduated from the Gemological School of America while in Italy...

I spoke to Vincent in early November and found out that he is from a family of artists. His Dad is a well known painter and his siblings are artists also, and as he put it " is my life..", which gave me goosebumps.

Vincent is a skill based custom jeweler, his specialty is the fine art of Florentine Engraving. His pieces are artisan, unique, made to order, and rich with the quality of hand made art from a traditional old world time intensive process. Vincent is a true artist, he is a wonderful person as well. I found him very knowledgeable and kind and passionate about life and art. A true inspiration.

Last but not least as I am getting a little long in the tooth here...

For your holiday stress relief you must visit Joanne Daley of Daley Rubs Massage Therapy.
Her office is located between Harvard square, and Central Square at 1120 Mass Ave. The entrance to her space and the Tea shop is Karma Cafe and yoga studio.

Joanne has office hours until 8pm on Fridays, or on Saturdays, and Sundays by appointment. She also makes house calls. Yes people HOUSE CALLS!

Call her for stress relief at (617) 980-9008. I will be seeing her as soon as the rush is past.

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