November 14, 2010

Goods of Conscience

Hello All,

I just wanted to publicly acknowledge Fr. Andrew who created a lovely sheath dress in my exact size and color, Verde. The company is Goods of Conscience in NY

The dress fit me, well like Jackie O wore her dresses, I love my dresses almost a size larger than my actual dress size so that it just skims the body.

I have discovered that my shape- which is basically an inverted triangle shape requires a straight sheath. I have a full bust and a rather small well-defined waistline and that means that I need something on top that contains my upper half. My lower half is a mere size eight so I need to focus on that half. My limbs are slender so sleeveless works well. It's all about creating proportions that de-emphasize my bust and allow me to create an illusion of the perfect hourglass shape. No easy task.

I loved the wow factor of the dress at the night of the gala when the glint showed up with evening lighting it gives what Fr. Andrew termed a Cinderella effect. It has two linings which make it very wearable and very comfortable. It will be worn next week to the Eileen Fisher dinner event.

Thank you Fr. Andrew!

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