October 3, 2010

Brassiere Shopping Fiasco

Ladies, I share this only as to bring you some humor to a dreary ish day...not to give you too much information.

I step out of church services today and say OK, this is it, fall 2010 has arrived and it is time to replace the undergarments.

Now I know full well that I am full figured, over my ideal weight and sadly out of shape but honestly it should not be this hard.

It took about an hour and I swear I tried on sizes I have never heard of. The lady waiting on me was patient beyond words. Everything she took to me in the fitting room proved to be fine if my motto is "my cups runneth over and over and over". It started getting dicey.
Nothing seemed to be working, but finally when I almost started crying and had a thought that I am a Briditte Bardot (circa 1962) gone bad very bad, the nice sales lady at Lady Grace in Waltham found one that worked well.

It made for a happy moment for all four of us! As my friend Nancy's husband Rob calls them- the puppies. I was happy, I think the sales lady was relieved and the puppies could be put away.

It was quite an exercise in trials and tribulations.

We settled finally on a bra by Goddess which is not so horrible in that it is not ugly. It was a mere $39.00, which if it gives me support and comfort is worth so much more.

Anyway, I tell you this story to say that every season you need to replace your undergarments, especially after summer and sweating and deodorant stains and stretching. It is a good investment ladies! Please do it.

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Bonnie said...

On my recent torture session I made a stop at Nordstroms. The 'puppies' were pulled, pushed and brought to submission after 45 minutes of trying on at least a dozen different styles.

Like you I do not want nor need, my cup to runneth over. I know they are there and so does the rest of the world!

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