June 25, 2010

2010 Summer Festival Attire

So many hot trends are like- well truthfully old... first the wedges, and if that were not enough of a throw back to our youths now comes the clog for fall 2010.

I am not talking crocs here folks. I am talking about platform clogs from Chanel and chunky shoes in the clog form from Louis Vuitton. Crazy updates to the old fashioned ones we once worn to Jr. High school, circa 1979.

Today however I am in boot mode actually. I call it my festival attire. If I were off to Bonnaroo, Coachella, Lilith Fair or the like. I have a very casual, white, linen T-Shirt dress on over two layers of underpinnings. A tank and a slip dress and then my top dress (too sheer to wear layer less) naked legs with plenty of sunscreen and my timberland summer boots in white canvas and bone leather. Oh a hot pink linen scarf and a white leather cuff with silver studs.


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