December 12, 2009

Lynn and Patsy- My gals...

I love love love "characters" both real and imagined and I love to see the style and fashion and beauty in them all.
Two of my favorite fashion characters are one from fiction and one from fact.

First of course is Patsy Stone circa 1992 from Absolutely Fabulous one of my favorite comedy shows. Please excuse both the booze and the ciggy.

The second is a real live fashion writer Lynn Yaeger.
Lynn is seen here from the Vena Cava fashion show circa 2009.

I love them both for their eccentricity and sense of uniqueness and one of a kind style. Study both and see deeply the beauty of being creative.

In Memoriam-
Barbara Harris
A once in a life time friend and mentor and a true creative and beautiful spirit. I miss you so much.

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