November 12, 2009

THe Catholic Church still has some game!

As many of you already are aware I have been a Catholic since 1964 (and that my friends ain't an easy road)


As many of you are also aware I am a pretty non-traditional Catholic living within what I like to call the institutional church. Remember the book by Paul Wilkes, that came out in 2001 - Excellent Catholic Parishes The Guide to Best Places and Practices. See page 8 if you have forgotten my interview.

I still say that if it was not for Walter Cuenin showing up in my life I would have been long gone! I also say that sometimes really good things come out of the institutional church.

Well, what does all this have to do with style/fashion/compassion. I found another great treasure, another great priest, impossible you say, I say, listen and learn from New York - Fr. Andrew O'Connor.

There is the finca in El Salvador where Fr. O'Connor buys organic indigo. He has a workshop in the Bronx where they make clothing, table linens and bedding from a cloth he has developed in Guatemala called Social Fabric. Last week he was heading down to Harper's Bazaar to drop off a dress that will be featured in an upcoming Spring issue.

Fr. Andrew and his staff told me this week that they would be truly honored if I decided to write something about Goods of Conscience. I am thinking heck I would be honored to be allowed to contribute something to recognize their work. The mission is quite simple and yet quite profound:

Our efforts are to make beautiful clothing and heal the poor simultaneously (and we can use all the help we can get).

How awesome are they? CBS just covered them, how can the CBS Evening News get there before me? Foiled again.

Elizabeth O'Connor
Goods of Conscience

Book of the week- Turning to One Another - Simple Conversations to Restore Hope to the Future by Margaret J. Wheatley

Music of the week - Adele 19 (2008 Columbia Records)

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