June 11, 2009

Slow and Steady

Well it only has taken me eight years to latch onto the concept of yoga, but now I am hooked. 
I feel lighter and better and my mind has a chance to slow down and my body a chance to catch up. I am still doing baby steps, gentle yoga a few times a week but as we all know slow and steady wins the race. 

If you find yourself up North (Gloucester, MA) on a Sunday this summer with an early morning free check out Tree Top Yoga and take an 8:30 am class with yoga instructor Fabienne Gauthier of Magnolia MA. You will not be disappointed. 

Fabienne is also producing yoga eye bags or handmade eye pillows with 100% organic flaxseed, rice and lavender housed in beautiful fabric designs. Handmade by Koye Designs and retailing for a mere $15.00 every one should have at least one. 

What could be more stylish than being in shape both mind and body and easing the eyes with a fashionable little pillow. 

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