April 2, 2009

Circa 1964... Am I vintage yet?

You know you are old when:

You are in the Forever 21 store in Watertown at the Arsenal Mall actually buying something for yourself...a basic organic cotton racer back top and a few other trinkets and the 'youngin' (Rubi) behind the cash wrap asks the question: 
"Do you need a gift receipt for her?" 

There is no "her" as you are standing alone in line with music blaring and wondering why the hell any one would put Baba O'Riley by English rock band The Who to a dance mix. Roger Daltrey's voice against a backdrop of club mix music bouncing into that song is a wee bit disconcerting.

I now understand why all the kids are shopping there, as everything is young, cheap and completely disposable as in garments and accessories. 

Everything is made in China, not sure if they are following any sort of international standards of fair-trade....?????

How did we get to this point folks? 

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