March 15, 2009

Art and Fashion Inspires and Delights Us All

Hi there and happy pre spring. It is Sunday and it sure feels like the turning point of the season. Goodbye dear Mr. Winter, hello there Miss Spring. 

I received the nicest compliment on Friday about my writing of this blog. The feedback was that I write comfortably, confidently and with authority on the matter of fashion. 

I wanted to respond with of course appreciation and a very huge Thank You. We often only tell one another what it is that we do not like that they are doing or fail to give each other the positive feedback we all so need.  So to "D" a very big hug and thank you for the encouragement.

I  view this blog as my on line fashion diary. It is filled with my inspirations and fashion fantasy. Few of us have the budgets to actually own Dolce and Gabbana, Versace, Prada or Dries Van Noten but we can admire them all.  Even fewer of us have the actual body types to wear many of these elite designers but we can take inspiration from the themes. 

My personal take on it all is that is is just plain fun. I often go to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and admire all the wonderful art that I find there, that does not mean I have the budget or the house to own and show a John Singer Sargent painting.  I still find myself inspired by Picasso, Renoir, Sargent and Monet. 

So feast your eyes on a few very cool looks from Rochas, Pollini, and Carmen Marc Valvo and then become inspired to get out of your box and create something new with what is in your own closet this spring. 

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