January 18, 2009

Personal Shopping Services

As it continues to snow tonight, I ponder just how long this winter is really going to be, I so want spring to be here, enough already. 

I know many many folks are hunkered down because of the weather and of course because of the economic climate. Let me remind us all that these are two elements way beyond our control. Most women are pulling back and really doing due diligence before making purchases of any kind especially regarding any purchase in the fashion realm. 

I hope that you can trust this blog/writing as a peer opinion and I want this blog to be useful in that you may make a comfortable purchase upon the recommendations listed here. Questions and comments are always welcome. 

I am also available for consulting services inside your closet. 

Sometimes you need to look inside your existing wardrobe and with good advise you can purge and organize the contents to streamline your closet. Take an hour to fine tune your existing wardrobe with my help. I can often give you an interesting peek at what is in your closet from a new perspective and help you to create new looks with what you own, taking you on a shopping spree inside your own closet. 

However, if you find that need to make a key purchase, then take a personal shopping adventure, our mutual goal will be to try something totally new and add one great seasonal piece to your current wardrobe with out breaking the bank. We need to look forward to spring and to the future with some hope. 

Looking forward to Tuesday, and history being made. 

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