January 25, 2009

Mamma Mia! Ann Roth costume designer

LaMinnelli here with another fashion update:

I finally watched the movie Mama Mia, which I thought in fact I was going to hate. Although I adore that music from my youth I had seen the stage production in Boston back a few years ago and quite frankly hated it. Who knows it may have been the cast for that particular show, or the company I attended the event with. At any rate with hesitation I watched the movie. I loved it! OK, the singing was not so world class but it had beautiful scenery, great humor, the songs themselves and hey Colin Firth is easy on the eyes. 

The best thing for me besides Greece and the gorgeous scenery of the islands was the costumes. Some where over the top, hysterical. Most were just so beautiful Sophie and her friends wedding outfits and the beautiful dress worn to the wedding my Donna, the Mom. I have to say the costume designer was right on. The dress blended with the colors of the island and the ocean and the red was the perfect shot of color. I adore this. 

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree. The color palet for the film was beyond amazing. It made the film. It was a character that brought peace beauty and a spirt of wildness to the peice. If I had money I would dress in that color palet the rest of my life. Thank you to Ann Roth and all her hard work.

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