December 24, 2007

Christmas 2007

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I am happy to report that I have made it through another holiday shopping season. Extended mall hours till 11pm this year, my seventh season in the world of retail, almost killed me. Thank you all for understanding when I do not return your phone calls due to sheer exhaustion.

I wanted to let everyone know that this year I just barely had time to buy the kids gifts. I never had the time or energy to select and write Christmas greeting cards. I have yet to enter the world of e-cards. That will be a new learning experience for me in 2008. To all those who sent me an old fashioned card via mail, thank you. It was fun to see the photos of everyone’s children as well.

I am so grateful to all my friends, family, ex-colleagues, present colleagues and my customers who are reading my blog every week and responding positively. Have a wonderful holiday or day off tomorrow. Great things are happening in our lives in 2008.

A few things that inspired me this week beyond the world of fashion:

Check out the site above. Peter Gabriel (Chair) the co-founder of WITNESS is an activist and a musician. His involvement in benefit concerts for Amnesty International and the anti-apartheid movement have greatly assisted human rights efforts worldwide. I have always been a huge fan of Peter Gabriel’s music but this is such inspiring work.

Check out this site as a resource to educate yourselves on how to reduce your personal footprint that we are all generating and responsible for. It made me feel better about actually not mailing cards this year.

And now onto the fashion updates of the week:

A must have from the cool limited edition organic jersey tees (which contain eco-conscious slogans) 25% of the proceeds are going to green organizations.

Another tip on style as we approach the twelve days of Christmas and more luncheons, parties, informal get-togethers and New Years Eve celebrations. Tribal Sportswear is a fun line to dip into, especially for fun tops. Today I am wearing a very cool stretch top that has cut out velvet and a beautiful colored pattern. I purchase all my pieces at a local boutique. Visit Sheelah at The Dressing Room (617) 965-3442 293 Auburn St Auburndale, MA
Many of you have admired my footwear of the season from Maxine of Canada- 100% Sheep lining and AquaTan Waterproof Leather high boots. This is the best footwear purchase I have ever made and I have not taken them off my feet. For those of us over the age of 16 they make a nice alternative to UGGs. I found my pair on Newbury Street but look for them online

Finally, I am writing a few words to two very important people in my life who have crossed-over.

“Dad” I miss you and think of you often while visiting at 20 Breamore Rd.

Barbara I miss you like crazy and want you to know that you were the person who put me on the path of a spiritually focused life. I will be forever grateful.

Thank you both for everything. I know you hear me.

In memoriam-

Francis Xavier Downey November 30, 1928-December 25, 2000
Barbara F. Carroll Harris December 17th

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