November 19, 2007

Lisa The Luddite

Many months ago I decided to create a ‘blog’ for family and friends about fashion. This never took off from a technology standpoint, so I am now reduced to getting weekly email messages started and hoping 2008 proves to be my year of emerging from the “Luddite” mentality.

Much is happening out there in the world of style. Here are a few of my favorites:

Green! Everybody and everything is moving toward green consumption. My very own to die for eco-conscious piece is from Lutz & Patmos. Barneys in Chestnut Hill MA has this piece. It is a lightweight blend of undyed, organically grown hemp and cashmere and looks like a chunky knit. 10% of the profits are going to Al Gore’s Climate Project. It is retailing for $475.00 but is a seasonless option which can be a hinge pin wardrobe piece.

Speaking of the concept of seasonless I see this trend developing across all lines, all styles and all designers. That manifests for us by investing in an entire wardrobe that can shift season to season with an easy layering technique. This makes those expensive pieces like the Lutz & Patmos cardigan worth their dollar weight. Some designers to look at for the green pieces that can create the seasonless concept are White&Warren, Edun, and Stewart Brown

One last note for the week, my own employer Eileen Fisher, Inc. is doing its part to create and sustain our social consciousness movement. We have a beautiful organic cotton knit which is shaped as a basic turtle neck top that was woven in Peru. The story is great and the piece is worth considering for the gift giving season.

I am looking forward to giving you eight more weeks of fashion and style updates.

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